Lange åbningstider

Åbent hver dag fra 05.00 til 00.00. Receptionen har åbent mandag til torsdag fra 10.00 til 16.30 og 10.00 til 14.00 om fredagen.

Holdtræning for alle

Vi tilbyder et bredt udvalg af spændende hold på niveauer, hvor alle kan være med. 

Alsidigt og moderne udstyr

Vores udstyr spænder lige fra  styrke- og cardiomaskiner til squatracks og foamrollers.

Priser og medlemskaber


  • Medlemskab inkluderer:
  • Fri brug af alle centerets faciliteter i åbningstiden
  • Gratis holdtræning
  • Gratis badefaciliteter

Ansatte (SDU)

  • Medlemskab inkluderer:
  • Fri brug af alle centerets faciliteter i åbningstiden
  • Gratis holdtræning
  • Gratis badefaciliteter

Al tilmelding skal foregå ved fysisk fremmøde.

General terms

A membership at SDU Fitness grants the member unlimited access to the center during opening hours. This applies as long as it is not a special membership that only grants access at certain hours. The membership is personal, only usable by the contract holder, and is not transferable to other persons.

When signing up the member accepts that we store a photo with the member’s personal information used for identification purposes. If there are changes to the personal information the member must immediately notify the gym’s reception, or make the changes through the website. It is the member’s responsibility that SDU Fitness has the correct personal information at all times. The personal data will not be passed on to third parties and will be stored in accordance with Danish law, i.e. persondataloven.

The following may be admitted as a member of SDU Fitness:

  • All students who are educationally associated with SDU via an active enrollment
  • All permanent employees at SDU
  • All permanent employees at Odense University Hospital
  • The above members who are on leave, is entitled to exercise in the SDU Fitness

Working out in the gym is at your own risk.

Student / Employee ID (the membership card)

The membership card is used to gain access to SDU Fitness. If the front door is locked, the card must be swiped through the card reader to the left of the door. Before the member enters the training areas or the locker rooms, the membership card or the members’ phone number must be used for attendance registration in the client computer.

If the member loses or damages his or her membership card a new one can be issued via Student Services or Technical Service. After having received a new card, the member must contact the reception desk at SDU Fitness, to get the new card activated in the system. A fee of 500.- DKK will be charged in case of misuse of the personal membership card.

If your association with SDU or Odense University Hospital changes, it could have implications for access in the outer doors on campus. This however does not affect the access at SDU Fitness’ main entrance.

Purchase and payment of subscription contracts

When purchasing subscription contracts e.g. memberships and other annuities – the member approves that SDU Fitness is entitled to continuously make withdrawals via betalingsservice or invoices.

When signing up with a betalingsservice-membership, the member must pay in advance for the membership until the next possible withdrawal and register the payment with Nets.

Monthly payments will be withdrawn automatically from the member’s bank account each month if the payment service is set up correctly.

At every withdrawal a fee of 7.- DKK will be added. Betalingsservice-memberships requires valid registration at Nets. If the payment service is not set up correctly, or canceled before the membership has ended, SDU Fitness reserves the right to charge an additional fee of 10.- DKK when sending out an invoice through regular mail.

The subscription agreement is in force until terminated by either SDU Fitness or the member. Cancellation can happen with one months notice to the end of a month, and must be made in person by the reception desk at opening hours or via the website contact form. Cancellation of the payment service agreement or termination of your association with SDU or Odense University Hospital is not equal to a cancellation. The cancellation is effective from the date of receipt. If there is any doubt, about whether a membership was cancelled or not, it is the member who holds the responsibility to prove that the cancellation was done correctly.

The monthly membership fee is given when signing up and can be changed by SDU Fitness with a notice of 45 days to the end of a month. Notice will be sent to the email address listed in the member’s personal information.

A membership may be subject to separate terms and conditions / rules, as stated when establishing the membership.

When signing up for a prepaid cash membership, payment for the entire period must happen in the conclusion of the membership. The membership will terminate automatically when the period expires. The prepaid membership may be extended at any time before the expiry by making a new payment. The prepaid membership cannot be cancelled before the expiry date and the membership is non-refundable.

Past due

In case of a failed payment, we reserve the right to inactivate the membership card upon first past due notice. The card will not be opened again before the arrears are paid. At the second past due notice the membership will be cancelled automatically. If the member still wants to make use of SDU Fitness’ facilities, another contract must be signed where registration fees might apply. Signing up can only happen after the arrears are paid in full.

The issuing of past due notice and past due fees will happen in accordance to the regularly applicable rules regarding the subject in Denmark. For more information see:

Putting the membership on hold

It is possible for members of SDU Fitness who are holding a betalingsservice-membership to put the membership on hold for up to three months at a time. This will cost the member a fee of 50.- DKK. This can be done either at the reception desk or via the contact form on where name, membership number and a start and end date for the timeout period must be given.

It is free to extend the period while the membership is on hold, if it has lasted less than three months, and the extension does not cause the full period to exceed three months from the start date of the hold. Membership starts automatically when the period expires.

Prepaid cash memberships cannot be put on hold.

Registration and unregistration of classes

For all memberships at SDU Fitness, it is possible to book classes, unless otherwise stated in the agreement. It is possible for the member to register and unregister for classes at the customer computer at the gym or via member login on If the member is unable to attend a class, he or she will have to unregister no later than two hours before the class starts. Attendance registration via the membership computer for a registered class must be made no later than 5 minutes before the class starts, otherwise it will be counted as a no-show. If the member is absent from a registered class, the member will be charged a fee of 25.- DKK. The amount will be automatically withdrawn via the monthly payment through betalingsservice. Prepaid cash memberships will be deducted three days of validity.

Information regarding promotion from the waiting list to active list will happen by SMS.

Customer account

Members with a betalingsservice-membership have the opportunity to buy products at the reception desk via their customer account. That is if there is a valid payment service agreement attached to the membership. The member can buy for up to 250.- DKK/month. The purchases will be paid with the next possible withdrawal through betalingsservice. When making a purchase via the customer account, the member must be able to show his or her student or employee ID card and provide either phone number or membership number.

Violation of the house rules or the membership agreement

In case of violation of the conditions listed in the membership agreement or the house rules, e.g. doping usage, lending out membership cards, lawlessness, neglect and other serious or unacceptable behavior, SDU Fitness has the ability to discontinue the membership with immediate effect at any time.

Threats and violence will result in exclusion from SDU Fitness, and will be reported to the police, as well as SDU.

Changes to the membership agreement

Changes will normally be announced at least one month before the changes take effect. Notice will be made via info screens in SDU Fitness, via mail, on and via the customer computer at check-in.


According to forbrugeraftaleloven a period of 14 days will be given to cancel a purchase made via the website. Payments for participation in activities as well as tickets for events will in general not be refunded, unless otherwise noted in the description of the activity.

Contact and company information

SDU Fitness’ full company name, address and contact information are:

SDU Fitness
Campusvej 55, indgang B
5230 Odense M
CVR-no: 34930031

General behaviour

  1. All members and staff should contribute to a positive and respectful environment.
  2. Directions from the staff should always be followed.
  3. Our equipment must always be carefully treated and only be used for the exercises it is meant for. Dumbbells and other detached equipment must always touch the floor before it is released.
  4. Individual pieces of equipment must always be put in its rightful place after use.
  5. Always clean machines and equipment after use.
  6. Smoking is not allowed.
  7. If members wish to listen to other music than the music played in the gym, the member should use headphones. It is not allowed to play music through the speakers on a phone or other similar devices.
  8. Phone calls must be limited and should only occur with respect and consideration to other members and staff.
  9. Opening hours must be followed. No members are allowed in the gym outside of the opening hours: 05.00 – 24.00.

Clothing when working out

  1. Members must wear workout clothes and clean shoes. Shoes for outside use, work clothes and jeans are not allowed.
  2. Spinning shoes must be put on in the spinning room and must, no matter what, be taken off before leaving the room.
  3. It is not allowed to work out bare-chested. If a member wishes to work out in an undershirt/singlet it has to cover the entire chest/ribcage.
  4. It is not allowed to work out in a shorts-bra only.
  5. It is not allowed to be in the fitness center with smoking signs or gang related signs on clothes.

Other facilities

  1. Lockers are not personal and must always be emptied after use. Lock that has not been removed at closing will be removed and not replaced. SDU Fitness is not responsible for personal belongings that are kept inside the lockers.
  2. Emergency exists in the fitness center must not be blocked and may only be used in case of emergency.


  1. When using SDU Fitness, you have to bring your student-ID and use it at the entrance.
  2. Usage of your student-ID is personal and misuse will lead to a fine of 500 kr.
  3. Only members and staff have access to the workout areas and changing rooms.
  4. Family and friends, who are not members, are welcome to stay in front of the SDU Fitness reception desk.
  5. If you are in a workout area without being a member, you will be dismissed and expelled from SDU Fitness.
  6. All workouts and training is at your own responsibility. A member is responsible for being healthy and fit to be able to take part in activities at SDU Fitness.


  1. Doping is not accepted. If a member is tested positive, that person will be expelled from SDU Fitness.
  2. Selling of doping classified substances in the fitness center will lead to police charges.


  1. All staff and personal at SDU Fitness has the right to demand a member (who does not comply with the house rules) to follow the rules in the fitness center.
  2. Serious breach of the house rules or very inappropriate behavior, gives the staff-member responsible the right to dismiss the member. All cases must be presented for the board for further treatment and investigation.
  3. If the member, who does not comply with the rules, does not listen and change behavior, the staff responsible has the right to send the case on to the board for further processing. Violations of the house rules can result in termination of membership.
  4. Center leaders can in rare cases give dispensation from the house rules.
  5. Not showing up for a fitness class, when booked, will result in a 25 kr fine (per class missed). Cancellation must be done at least 1 hours before the fitness class starts.
  6. Working out in the fitness center without having checked in and swiped your membership card will result in a fine of 250 kr.
  7. Letting a non-member into the fitness center will result in a fine of 500 kr, plus the cost of exclusion out of the fitness center.

Changes in the house rules

  1. Changes in SDU Fitness house rules must be approved by the board.