HIIT Med Ditte

My classes are all about exploring what you're body is truly capable of! Often I will split the workload into an A, B and C part.

The A part will most likely include an exercise from the weightlifting (snatch or clean&jerk) or powerlifting world (squat, deadlift or bench press). The focus here will include technique, fewer reps and heavier weight.

The B part will most often be an intense WOD. Here you will meet terms like AMRAP, EMOM or YGIG. This will get your heart rate up!

The C part will either consist of a finisher or some support work, to prevent injuries. Everyone can join regardless of their level of fitness - I promise you a lot of fun, a tons of high fives and of course the best playlist to keep you motivated!


HIIT with Victoria

In HIIT classes with Victoria, you can expect sweaty workouts, that includes both "body weight" exercises and exercises with kettlebells and other weights. Every workout begins with a simple warm up that consists of a few different exercises.

Depending on the day, we will be doing either some strengthening EMOMs (different exercises "every minute on the minute"), sweaty AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible) or even a third workout method. One thing is for sure: it will be an intense hour, and you will have fun, for sure!

HIIT classes are for everyone no matter level or experience with training in general. Since it is fun to workout together, some of the workouts will be done in teams. Saturday's HIIT will be an full hour of team workout, where the other days will consists of both individual and team workouts.


HIIT with Thomas

Here you can expect intense workouts that can be felt the next day. There is a focus on strengthening the body with a focus on technique and endurance. You will get an all around body training where you will train even the small and forgotten muscle groups.
A workout where everyone can join as weights such as kettlebells, dumbbells and bar will be adjusted for the individual. 
Workouts will take place partly individually starting with a focus on strength and then getting some workouts with a high heart rate. A challenge that is both fun and intense.