You are always welcome to send us an email

If you have not received a confirmation within 5 minutes, please send another request.

    Request for


    In the attached contract that came with the welcome email, the membership number is listed under the personal contact information.

    This can be done in person at reception, or via the website's contact form. Regardless of how terminated, you should be aware of receiving confirmation of termination by email within 7 days – without this termination, the termination cannot be considered complete and you should contact us again.

    No, since our quotas are as cheap as they are, you pay for one month at a time. When signing up between the 1st and 14th of a month, you firstly pay for the remainder of the current month, along with a starting fee of DKK 99,-. When signing up from the 15th and until the 1st, you pay for the remainder of the current month, as well as all of the following month and again along with a starting fee of DKK 99,-.

    This depends on the active access card for SDU. PhD students are always considered employees.

    On the Team workout page, you can log in with email/Phone No. And the code you received when creating

    As an association, our statutes prescribe that only students and employees at SDU can be members of SDU Fitness. Information on the time of the last exam is therefore requested at the reception or via our website at the latest in the month in which the final exam takes place and the membership will then run until the end of the following month.

    Unfortunately not.

    The five-minute deadline is, for one thing, about the instructor being able to see how many participants should be present and start the class on time. We want you to respect the time for both the sake of the instructor and the other participants, and prioritize check-in, clothes changing and having gone to the bathroom, filled your waterbottle and so on, before the starting time of the class. All our classes are scheduled so that it shouldn’t be problematic to make it in time based on the time frame for regular study hours.

    Unfortunately we do not lend out padlocks, but these can be purchased at the reception for DKK 45,-

    Unfortunately not, as the instructor might have been expecting to use this. In the case of equipment which doesn’t necessarily belong to Strength Club or Dynamic Studio (e.g. bosu balls or benches), this must be picked up before the classe begins.This applies regardless of if the instructor and/or participants have momentarily left the space.

    Unfortunately, we do not lent or rent out any of our spaces, as this overrides the option for other members to use it. Booking a space or equipment for your own training purposes is also not an option.

    • To use the centre you have to be a member. There are no exceptions. One can get a single day trial membership for free where one is created in the system.
    • SDU Fitness is a free space and we do not want a feeling of being "recruited" when you are down to train. If you want to ask members questions you have to sit in the sofas with a "help wanted" sign, or stand up on the SDU's areas in the same way as it is commonly known from the Daily life at uni.
    • Permission to film or take pictures in connection with the study task must be approved at the reception and permission of all persons who will be included in the material must be obtained before the commencement of filming or photography takes place. The material may not be used for commercial use, and SDU Fitness has the right to view the material at any time without further explanation.
    • Obtaining data will depend on what is demanded. Please refer to send an email to for answers to specific query.

    Your new student ID works in SDU Fitness the first day. Afterwards you have to show up during reception opening hours to register the new card. After that, it works again.


    Open every day
    05:00 - 00:00

    Reception Monday-Thursday
    10:15 - 16:30

    Reception Friday
    10:15 - 14:00

    Signing up for a membership must be initiated at least ten minutes before the reception closing time. Please note queuing may occur during semester start.


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