Modern Fitness & Training equipment

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"We always strive to have modern fitness and training equipment to match every need. Scroll down and see a selection of our equipment. "


Welcome to a paradise of cardio

At our gym, you can get the pulse up with our wide range of cardio equipment, such as treadmills, crosstrainers, exersice bikes, rowing machines, arc trainers and stairmasters. All equipment can be configured to your needs and level.

For your strength training

We offer kettlebells in many different weight classes, so you can find the size that suits your workout.

In addition, we have handweights that weigh between 1-40 kilos. You can always find a pair of hand weights to suit your workout.

Training machines

The majority of our training machines are from the brand Cybex and Rouge, which are some of the leading manufacturers in the field of fitness equipment.

We have several racks and cages standing around the center, along with both bumper plates and steel slices. Thus, you have the freedom to perform everything from basic exercises to strength lifting.

Locker room

We offer good shower facilities and closet space. This gives you ample opportunity to do a workout even before your teachings or your workday begins.


At SDU Fitness you will find a unique training environment that consists exclusively of students and employees at the University of Southern Denmark. We believe it is important to have a fitness centre at the University of Southern Denmark because:

  • You meet students and employees in other ways than you do in the lessons
  • You have the option of exercise for study-friendly prices
  • You have the option to relax and use your mid-hours to keep you sharp