General behavior
  • All members and staff should contribute to a positive and respectful environment
  • Instructions from employees should always be followed.
  • Our equipment should always be treated carefully and should only be used to perform the exercise as originally intended. Dumbbells and Other disconnected equipment must always touch the floor before releasing it.
  • Individual pieces of equipment must always be put back in their rightful places after use.
  • Always clean machinery and equipment after use.
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • If the member wishes to hear Other music than the one playing in the center, the member should use headphones.
  • Calls must be restricted and only be done with respect and consideration for other members and employees.
  • The opening hours must be respected. Members are not allowed to stay in the centre outside the opening hours: 05.00-24.00.
Workout clothes
  • Members must wear workout clothes. Outdoor shoes, workwear and jeans are not allowed.
  • Members are not allowed to go barefoot, however, socks are allowed.
  • Spinningshoes must first be taken on in the spinning room and must not be taken off before leaving the room, no matter what.
  • It is not allowed to train topless. If a member wants to train in a tank top/singlet/sports bra, it must cover the rib cage.
  • It is not allowed to be in the center with back signs or gang-related signs on the clothes.
Other facilities
  • The cabinets are not personal and must always be emptied after use. If the lock is not removed after close it will be removed and not replaced. SDU Fitness is not responsible for any personal belongings stored in the cabinets.
  • Emergency exits in the centre must not be blocked and may only be used in emergencies.
  • When using SDU Fitness, you must bring your student card and use it at the entrance.
  • Use of student cards is personal and abuse will lead to a fine of 500 kr.
  • Only members and staff have access to training areas and changing rooms.
  • Family and friends who are not members are welcome to stay at the SDU Fitness ' reception.
  • If you are staying in the training area without being a member, you will be rejected and expelled from SDU Fitness.
  • All trainings take place at your own risk. The member is responsible for being healthy and in the form to participate in the activities of SDU Fitness.
  • Doping is not accepted. If a member is tested positively, the person will be expelled from SDU Fitness.
  • The sale of drugs classified as doping in the center will lead to police charges.
  • All staff and staff at SDU Fitness have the right to require a member (who does not follow the House Rules) to follow the rules of the Centre.
  • Violent breaches of house rules or very inappropriate behaviour entitle the employee to the right to refuse the member. All cases must be presented to the Board for further processing. Violations of the House rules can lead to termination of membership.
  • In rare cases, center managers may waive the House rules.
  • No-show from a team when booked results in a fine of DKK 25 (per team missed). Cancellation must be made no later than at least two hours before the team is held.
  • Training in the center without having checked in and having swipet the student card gives a fine of 250 kr.
  • If you close a person who is not a member of the centre, it gives a fine of 500 kr and deportation from the centre.
Changes in House Rules
  • Changes to the SDU Fitness House rules must be approved by the board.