Registration is only done at reception, no later than ten minutes before closing time

Opening hours

Membership creation must be done no later than 15 minutes before the reception closes

The center

Monday - Sunday

05:00 - 00:00

Front desk

Monday - Thursday

10:15 - 16:30


10:15 - 14:00

ATTENTION. There may be deviations in opening hours during vacations and public holidays

Set-up fee 99 kr.

kr.119 /month
kr.149 /month

Membership terms and conditions

Read here what you get from your membership and the conditions you sign up for.

A membership in SDU Fitness gives the member unlimited access to the center during opening hours. This applies except in the case of special memberships that provide access only for a certain period of time. A membership is personal, cannot be used by others and cannot be transferred to others.

Upon registration, the member will accept that we, for identification purposes, store a photo together with the member's personal information for identification. If there are any changes to the personal information, the member must promptly notify the Centre's reception, or change this via the website. It is at all times the member's responsibility that SDU Fitness has the correct personal information. The personal data is not disclosed to third parties and is stored under the Personal Data Act.

The following may be admitted as a member of SDU Fitness:

  • All students who are educationally affiliated with SDU through an active enrollment
  • All permanent employees at SDU
  • All permanent employees at Odense University Hospital
  • All of the abovementioned on leave of absence

Study card/Employee ID (hereinafter referred to as; the membership card))
The membership card is used to access SDU Fitness. If the front door is locked, the card is fed through the card reader to the left of the door.

Before going into the training areas or changing rooms, the membership card or the member’s phone number must be used to register check-in on the check-in computer.

If the member loses or damages his membership card, a new one can be issued by student service or technical Service. After any card change, the member must come by the SDU Fitness reception during reception hours, to get the new card activated in the system.

500.- DKK in fees will be charged for misuse of personal membership cards as referred to in Article 11(2) of Regulation (EC) No 1782/2003. Rules of Order:

If the member’s association with SDU or Odense University Hospital changes, this could potentially have consequences for the access by the outer doors on campus. This does however not affect the access to the main door of SDU Fitness.


Purchase and payment of subscription agreements
When purchasing subscription agreements – for example memberships and other current services – the customer agrees that SDU Fitness is entitled to make charges on a regular basis by payment service or Giro card.

When purchasing a payment service membership, the member must pay ahead to the next payment draw and also register the automatic payment with Nets. The monthly payment will then be automatically deducted from the member’s bank account every month, provided that the Payments service agreement (PBS) is set up correctly.

Upon collection, a fee of DKK 7,- per payment draw is charged. Payment service memberships require a valid payment service agreement. If the payment service agreement has not been set up correctly or is terminated before membership ceases, SDU Fitness reserves the right to charge an additional fee of DKK 10 for invoicing via Giro money transfer.

Signed subscription agreements are in force until terminated by SDU Fitness or the member. Termination can be done by 1 month's notice to the end of a month, and must be done by personal request during reception opening hours or via the website contact form. Unsubscribing from the payment service agreement or ending affiliation with SDU or Odense University Hospital is not to equate with a termination. Denunciation is valid from the date of receipt. If doubts arise as to whether a membership has been terminated, the member must be able to prove that the termination has been done correctly.


The monthly membership price is stated at the conclusion of the contract and may be amended by SDU Fitness with a notice of 45 days to the end of a month. Notice shall be sent to the e-mail address specified in the member’s personal information.

A membership may be subject to separate terms/regulations that are disclosed when membership is created.

When creating a cash membership, payment is made for the entire period at the conclusion of creation of the membership. Membership will terminate automatically when the period expires. Before expiry, membership may be extended at any time by new payment. Membership cannot be terminated until expiration date and membership is non-refundable.


In the absence of payment, we reserve the right to block the membership at the time of the first reminder. The membership will only be reopened once the arrears have been paid. By the time of the second reminder, the membership is automatically terminated, after which recovery must be done by paying the potential additional starting fee, if the member wishes to continue using the SDU Fitness’ facilities forward on. Recovery can only be done once the entire arrears have been paid.

The issue of reminders and reminder fees is subject to general rules. For more information see:


As a member of SDU Fitness with a payment service membership, it is possible to suspend the membership for up to three months, at a fee of DKK 50,-. This can be done either at the reception or via the contact form at, where the name, membership number and a start and end date of the break period are provided.

It is free to extend the break period if it is still active, has not lasted three months, and the extension does not cause the break period to exceed three months from the start of the break period. Membership starts automatically when the break period expires. Cash memberships cannot be suspended.


Joining and cancelling classes
For all memberships of SDU Fitness, it is possible to sign up for classes, unless otherwise stated at the conclusion of the contract. It is possible for the member to join or cancel a class from the check-in computer in the reception area or through member login at If the member is prevented from attending a class, cancellation must be done at least two hours before the starting time of the class. Check-in for an enrolled class must be done no later than 5 minutes before the class’ starting time on the check-in computer, otherwise it is counted as a no-show. If the member is absent from a class that has been joined and not cancelled, the member will be charged a fee of DKK 25,-. The amount will be automatically deducted from the monthly payment service charge. Cash memberships will be deducted three days from the validity period. Information regarding the Promotion from Waitlist to active list is done by SMS.


Customer account
Members with a payment service agreement have the option to purchase products at the reception via their customer account. This if there is a valid payment service agreement associated with the membership.

The member can purchase for up to DKK 250,- /month. The purchases will be deducted as one collective amount at the time of the next payment through the payment service. When making purchases using the customer account, the member needs to present a student or employee ID and provide either a telephone number or a membership number.


Breach of the code of conduct or the membership terms and conditions
IIn the event of a breach of the subscription agreement or the code of conduct, e.g. in the context of doping, lending out a membership card, breaches of law, neglect and other serious or unacceptable action, SDU Fitness may at any time terminate a membership with immediate effect.

Threats and violence will result in the member being expelled and excluded from SDU Fitness, with subsequent reporting to the police and SDU. The rules of conduct can be found here:


Changes in the member conditions
Changes will normally be announced at least 1 month before the change takes effect. Alerts are made via the info screens at SDU Fitness, at, via email and via the customer computer upon check-in.


Contact and Business Information
SDU Fitness Full company name, address and contact information are:

SDU Fitness Campusvej 55, interior entrance B 5230 Odense M
CVR-NR: 34930031