The association is intended to give members, in accordance with § 3 possibility of exercising Fitness in their spare time.
Paragraph 2. The purpose of the association is also

  • To operate a fitness centre at SDU with a wide and varied range of activities in the fields of fitness and wellbeing,
  • to disseminate and promote the desire for exercise and thus health by offering breadth in the exercise activities, and by ensuring the best possible conditions and frameworks for exercising,
  • To support a good learning and study environment.

The purpose of the association is also to support SDU's research in the field of exercise and health. The Association shall provide, free of charge, premises, furniture, tools and other equipment for this activity.

As a member of SDU Fitness can be recorded:

  • All students who are educationally affiliated with SDU through an active enrolment.
  • All staff employed by SDU.
  • All permanent employees at Odense University Hospital.
  • The abovementioned members who are on leave are entitled to exercise at SDU Fitness.

Paragraph 2. All members must be registered and recorded in the Association and shall be obliged to pay the quota until withdrawal takes place in accordance with the second subparagraph. The applicable subscription agreement. In addition, the enrolment and withdrawal and the quota payment are made after SDU Fitness at any time laid down rules.

SDU Fitness will be a member of Danish gymnastics and sports associations (DGI) or Denmark's Gymnastics Association (DGF). The association may enter into membership of the federations which support the association's activities, such as Specialist Association of Denmark's Sports Federation (DIF), Danish Company Sports Federation (DFIF) and Danish Students ' Sports Federation (DSI).
Paragraph 2. SDU Fitness will follow a clear anti-doping policy, and SDU Fitness be subject to antidoping control from DGI or DGF. SDU Fitness will follow Anti-Doping Danmark (ADD) guiding instructions about equipment, interior design, politics and culture.
Paragraph 3. Rooms are provided by SDU for a fee.
Paragraph 4. Furniture, utensils and other equipment is the property of the Sdui, which is made available to the association. SDU has the possibility to charge for the use.

The General Assembly shall be the supreme authority of the Association in all matters. The Ordinary General Meeting shall be held before 1 December each year and shall be convened in writing at least three weeks before its date. The notice shall be posted in the fitness centre and sent by e-mail to those members who have registered with a correct and valid e-mail address, cf. § 13.

(2) Proposals to be considered at the general meeting must be received by the chairman in writing no later than 14 days before the general meeting and must be sent to the members of the Association no later than 8 days before the general meeting.
(3) At the general meeting, members of the board of directors shall be elected and appointed. The Board of Directors is authorized to appoint an additional board member immediately after the general meeting.
Up to 7 board members and up to 2 deputies are elected to the board of the association. They are elected for 1 year at a time.

The members of the Board of Directors shall take office immediately after the General Meeting, cf. Article 6.
(4) At the general meeting, one auditor shall be elected for one year at a time. All registered paying members, students and employees, are eligible for election to the Board. Candidates can be nominated up to and including the general meeting and by proxy.
(5) The agenda shall at least contain the following:

  1. Choice of conductor.
  2. The Board's report on the association's activities over the past year.
  3. The audited accounts shall be submitted for approval
  4. Presentation of the budget for the coming year.
  5. Processing of incoming proposals.
  6. Election of members to the board of directors and alternates.
  7. Appointment of members to the board of directors.
  8. Choice of 1 auditor.
  9. Possibly.

Paragraph 6. The General meeting shall be a quorum regardless of the number of members present.
Paragraph 7. All Members shall be entitled to vote. Members shall meet in person at the general meeting in order to be able to give a valid vote. There can be no vote via proxy.
Paragraph 8. The General meeting shall elect a conductor to chair the assembly. The conductor shall not be a member of any committee or board of Directors of the Association.
Paragraph 9. The decision of the General Assembly shall be entered in the Minutes, where the minutes of the negotiations shall also be recorded to the extent that the Chairman or general meeting decides.
Paragraph 10. The General meeting shall take decisions by a majority vote. And want a person's written vote, the conductor must meet this.
Paragraph 11. All members have a voice. All personal choices are decided by ordinary voting majority.
Paragraph 12. Extraordinary general meeting may be convened by the Board of directors or at least 1/3 of the members of the Association shall submit written application and justification to the management board. Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held no later than four weeks after the decision. As regards the requirements for the call, the management of the meeting, the vote, etc., the same provisions apply to the annual general meeting.

The association is managed by a board of up to 7 members and 2 deputies, who are elected and appointed in accordance with § 5. The board constitutes itself with a chairman and vice-chairman immediately after the general meeting.
(2) The management is responsible for the daily operations and must run the association in a financially sound manner, including taking out the necessary insurance.
(3) The management is responsible for ensuring that premises, equipment and tools are at all times used appropriately for the purpose, maintained and kept in proper condition.
(4) The association's salaried employees constitute the management.
(5) Attendance at board meetings is compulsory. The chairman shall convene board meetings by forwarding the agenda. Meetings shall be held according to a predetermined schedule. However, there shall be at least 4 meetings per year.
In order for the Board to constitute a quorum, at least four members of the Board must be present. The Board shall take decisions by a simple majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote. The employee representative shall be entitled to vote on the Board of Directors on the same terms as ordinary members.
Subclause 7. The employee representative is elected among SDU Fitness' employees. The employee representative must be found among employed receptionists/instructors. If the employee representative is dismissed or resigns from his/her position at SDU Fitness, the employees must elect a new representative within 14 days. The employee representative cannot be elected chairman or vice-chairman. The employee representative is entitled to vote in the board on the same terms as ordinary members

The association is represented by a chairman and a vice-chairman. However, the Association shall be subscribed by the purchase, sale or pledging of immovable or movable property and by the taking out of loans exceeding a total value of DKK 10,000.00 by the signature of at least two thirds of the entire Board of Directors under responsibility to the General Assembly.

The Association is solely responsible for its assets for its obligations. Members are not personally liable for the association's obligations and cannot claim any part of the association's assets or dividends.

The year of the association follows the calendar year.

The selected auditor must have no other functions in the association management.
Paragraph 2. The Auditor shall review and endorse the accounts and, on request, be presented with the documents annexed to the accounts.

Amendments to the statutes of the association may be made at any general meeting, ordinary and extraordinary, when at least 2/3 of the members entitled to vote are voting for the amendments.
However, it is possible to amend the statutes by ordinary majority of votes of 2 consecutive general meetings at least 14 days apart.

Any dissolution of the association may take place only when it is adopted at two consecutive general meetings at three-week intervals, and when at least 2/3 of the members who are entitled to vote are therefore voting.
In the event of dissolution, the association's funds accrue to the University of Southern Denmark for study-related activities.

The association's communication is based primarily on electronic media, such as the Email, website, Facebook etc. This means that, among other things, Calls and minutes are communicated via one or more of these media.
Paragraph 2. It is the responsibility of the members that the association is updated with regard to, for example, Address and email address.

Adopted by the General Assembly on 18 December 2018.